A Global Collaboration

E-health Mobile-Web Application

A web application to aid consumers in evaluating their current health


Job Skill Assessment Tool

An assessment tool for aiding employers


Surgical Requirements Application

An application for aiding physicians in conducting pre-surgical assessments


going beyond the walls of the classrooms

A group of students from the DePaul University participated in a Global Project Collaboration experiment in a semester long project together with students from Mexico, South Africa and Germany. Our Global Team is made up of people from different part of the world whose goal was to develop web-based software applications. The project team consists of a Project Management Team, Software Development Team and Project Development Team.

This is the first time the members worked together as a team whose members are from different countries. Even though teams are composed of members with different cultural visions and different ages, we all share a good understanding and mutual respect for all the members.

a few things we’re great at

our products

E-health Mobile-Web Application

E-health Web is designed to aid consumers in evaluating their current health. The application will obtain basic health information from users such as height, weight, age, blood pressure, temperature, etc. Based on the interface the application will provide the user with a health status indicator. The application will determine the health status of the user, which could provide an option to connect to a hospital or a doctor if he/she chooses to proceed.


Job Skill Assessment Tool

The Job Skill Assessment Tool involves development of an assessment tool for aiding employers in determining which employees have necessary skills for developing or working on new innovative projects. The tool will provide a repository of users’ information and job skill sets. The application will also provide search functionality and reporting capabilities.


Surgical Requirements Application

Surgical Requirements Application is an application for aiding physicians in conducting pre-surgical assessments. The application is based on an existing medical checklist form. The instrument allows authorized users to enter patient medical information in order to conduct a risk assessment for medical procedures.


our awesome pmo team

Our project management office is made up of a diverse group of people, each person bringing different strengths that have added to the overall success of projects. The executive team comes together regularly to monitor projects, oversee quality and ensure that lessons are learned so that students benefit from the collective knowledge of all of its global projects. Our team consists of Project Sponsors, Management Representatives and IT Professionals. Each member was chosen  specifically to fit the unique needs of the projects.

We are pleased to introduce you to our Executive Team Members. Please click on each team member below to see their complete bio:

Olayele Adelakun

Project Sponsor (USA)

Olayele Adelakun is an Associate professor of MIS at DePaul University Chicago, Illinois. His research focuses on IT Outsourcing, ERP systems implementation, and Information Systems Quality, IT Evaluation and Emotional Intelligence among IT Leaders. He has conducted studies in both medium size companies and large multinational companies in Europe, Africa and the United States. 

He holds an M.S. in Information Processing Science from University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland and Ph.D. in Information Systems from the Turku School of Economics and Business Administration, Turku, Finland

Erica Shalgren

Director Agile PMO (USA)

Erica​ will be completing her Master’s in Information Systems at DePaul University by the beginning the beginning of summer 2017. She enjoys cooking a lot, and is always on the lookout for new, exciting recipes. She is also always on the lookout for new, fun restaurants.  

Erica is currently working as a Project Coordinator for the Evolve Security Academy

Andrew Tse

Lead Analyst (USA)

Andrew saw that there was an opportunity to combine his love for technology with the skills he gained from the business world. He will be completing his Masters in Information Systems with a concentration in Business Analysis and System Analysis by June of 2017. During his free time – he enjoys shooting photography, playing basketball, and volunteering in his community.

He studied Finance at DePaul University and has previously interned as an equity analyst in Hong Kong; worked at Northern Trust; BMO Harris Bank; and bswift inc. He is currently a product analyst at Careerbuilder.

Redar Ismail

Technical Lead (USA)

Redar Ismail is a PhD student at DePaul University. He is currently working closely with Professor Olayele Adelakun. He enjoys programming and researching technology.

During his free time – he loves to go swimming, reading novels and cooking.

Ainamkoz Bakytkaliyeva

Assistant PMO (Germany)

Ainamkoz is currently a Master student who is studying International Business at Technical University of Applied Sciences and currently staying in Berlin. She is very passionate about cooking. Nothing makes her happier than to see people enjoying the food she prepares with her love. 

Last year, Ainamkoz decided to go to school for baking while she was doing her Erasmus year in Italy. She has a strong passion for languages and hopes to be come more fluent in Italian and German. 

our awesome teams

achieving success even if we are separated by hundreds of miles of land and sea

Ted Tabaka

e-Health Mobile-Web

PM / SM  Team 1 (USA)

Ted Tabaka currently attends DePaul University. 
He enjoys playing video games, and eating Sushi. A fun fact about Ted is that he held the record for being the smallest baby in the world for a month.

Rawan AlFuraih


Team 1 (USA)

Rawan is currently a Graduate IS student at DePaul and a Project Coordinator. She enjoys reading. Rawan is a Certified Professional Scrum Master.

Daniel Smith


Team 1 (USA)

Daniel Smith is currently getting his Masters in Information Systems (Business Intelligence). In his free time he likes to play hockey, and other team sports. An interesting fact about him is that he spent two years teaching English in China.

Maxime de Leyn


Team 1 (Germany)

Maxime De Leyn from Belgium and is currently studying now at TH Wildau in Germany. He enjoys playing sports and trying out new things to eat!

Esteban T. Huerta

Team 1 (Mexico)

Esteban Trillo is currently studying at Universidad Panamericana. He loves riding his bike in a competitive level.

Fun fact about Esteban is that he enjoys doing extreme stuff and he has not broken a single bone

Tanaya Singh

Surgical Requirements

PM / SM Team 2 (USA)

Tanaya Singh is currently pursuing a master’s degree in information systems and she enjoys dancing.

Asif Shaukatali Shaikh


Team 2 (USA)

Asif Shaikh come from Diversity, India. He is known to be Curious , Creative and Adaptable. One of his favorite quotes in life is, “Gratitude should be your Attitude”. Asif worked for three years as a SAP Consultant. Asif is currently a IS graduate.
Asif loves to cook and try out new recipes in his free time. He also has a passion for singing and helping the needy with help of NGO he is associated with.

Sumedh Gang


Team 2 (USA)

Sumedh Gangurde currently attends DePaul University. He enjoys singing and composing videos.

Fun fact about Sumedth is that he won around 77 singing competitions during his undergraduate years and has been a school & college president for his organizations.

Li Dan


Team 2 (Germany)

Dan Li was a former MNC (assistant engineer) in an largest domestic IT company in China. Currently, she is studying European Business Management in Technische Hochschule Wildau in Germany. Dan Li passionate for exploration because she has great curiosity for the unknown things, and she believe there will be nothing that blocks her pursuit of new theory and knowledge. Dan Li have enjoys playing bedminton and piano

Christian Muamba


Team 2 (South Africa)

Christian Babadi Muamba is currently a student at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (South Africa) studying for his Btech in Software Development. He will always eat the cream out of the middle of Oreos LAST.

Christian has amazing memory

Ana Isabel Mazin Ortúzar


Team 2 (Mexico)

 Ana Mazín is currently studying for her bachelor in Science to become a Digital Animation Engineer. She enjoys reading (a lot) and is a dog lover.

Catherine Layer

Job Skill Assessment

PM / SM Team 3 (USA)

Catherine Layer is currently a HCI graduate student at DePaul. When she is not at work or in school, she enjoys traveling to new places and the next place she would like to visit is Lisbon in Portugal.

A fun fact about her is that she love to cook, nothing is more exciting than tackling a new recipe and inviting friends over to enjoy.

Jaison Tarun


Team 3 (USA)

Jaison is currently a DePaul CDM student pursuing MS in IT Project Management. He has a passion for music, graphic design, gaming and soccer. He formed my own band in Dubai and used to be the Lead Guitarist until he came to Chicago. Jaison is a huge Barcelona FC fan as well. 

A fun fact about Jaison is that his band has won many awards and ranked as one of the Top 5 University Bands in Dubai.

Rakip Bebo


Team 3 (USA)

Rakip Bebo is currently enrolled at DePaul University.  He enjoys weight lifting and economic theory.

A fun fact is that he has done was stand up comedy.

Anvarbek Jamgyrchiev


Team 3 (Germany)

Anvarbek is currently a master student at Wildau University of Applied Sciences. He enjoys sleeping, actually he is a sleepoholic.

He believes that he is doing something wrong in this life as he was not able to have enough sleep from the day his little Princess was born, so now all he want is a good, deep sleep.

Maria Mutudi


Team 3 (South Africa)

Maria Rosa Gombo Mutudi is currently a student at Cape peninsula University in Cape Town South Africa studying for he Bachelors degree n Software Development. She like to cook, bake and sing.